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Florida's #1 mobile ultrasound & nuclear imaging service provider 

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GE Vivid-i Ultrasound System

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Welcome to Nuclear Specialists and E-C Imaging. Nuclear Specialists, Inc. is a nuclear imaging corporation, while E-C Imaging, Inc. focuses on ultrasound.  Both companies are conveniently located in Central Florida.  We serve the Central Florida area for all ultrasound and nuclear imaging service needs. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and are equipped to provide a solution for you and your office by providing the highest quality equipment and top-certified technicians.

About Us


Nuclear Specialists and E-C Imaging are comprised of experienced nuclear and ultrasound technologists, veteran business professionals and state-of-the-art nuclear and ultrasound equipment. Aimed to provide excellent service and patient care, we offer flexible leasing options and proven results. Since 1987, we have provided busy physicians solutions for scheduling in-office imaging tests without the financial burden. Because we are privately-owned by Robert Soule and Shelly McCormick, the owners and co-workers are conveniently available to answer questions, solve and assist you and your team with any problems or concerns.


What we offer physicians:

· The ability to expand their practices and customer base

· Provide immediate results

· Immediately increase the bottom line

· On-site solutions and better control over patient’s treatment plan

· Constant communication providing outstanding customer service

· Convenient flexible leasing options to best fit your needs

· Compliant with all HIPPA and HCFA requirements

· Schedule patients at your office

· Bills Medicare and/or private insurance globally

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