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MaiCam 180 Dual Head Portable Cardiac Camera


The maiCAM 180 is easily accessible, assembled and is completely transportable to your office.


  • True digital detectors: Developed by industry experts, the inDX detectors feature one ADC per PMT, having unmatched specifications, yet rugged and robust for everyday use.

  • Total collimation: Like lenses of a camera, the design of the collimator greatly determines overall image quality.  Our cardiac optimized designs offer the best balance for both technetium and thallium imaging.

  • Total fit: With a footprint of just 31" x 56", its easy to fit in your practice.  The maiCAM-180 is the most compact dual detector cardiac SPECT system available. The acquisition console and EKG gate are completely integrated into the base of the camera, making it a fully stand alone system.

  • Total control: In three simple steps, a scan is on its way.  LOAD, MARK, START.

  • Total positioning: Upright imaging allows for smaller camera designs with improved performance and image quality. Quick and comfortable patient setup, less patient motion, less attenuation, and less extra-cardiac activity are some of the benefits of the maiCAM-180 system.

  • Total comfort: The small and open camera design is non-claustrophobic and designed to support patients up to 500 lbs, allowing 20 percent more patients that can be scanned.

  • Total processing: Our systems include CardioGAM by Segami.  CardioGAM provides innovative analysis and review, with Cedars and Emory "as options."

  • Total mobility: Our camera rolls easily through any 36" door, into any elevator or down any hall.

GE Vivid-i Portable Ultrasound System


At E-C Imaging, we use the GE Vivid I Cardiovascular Ultrasound System.  The Vivid I provides high performance and full imaging all combined in a light weight design. It’s much smaller than its competitors, and it is the most advanced miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system used for the highest quality studies.


  • It provides comprehensive, diagnostic exams combined with the image quality expected from the GE Ultrasound Vivid product line

  • Easy-to-use, automatic image optimization - in 2D, color and Doppler imaging. It instantly updates thousands of parameters with one keystroke for optimal scanning

  • Anatomical M-Mode assists with off-axis orientation to make scanning easier

  • Intuitive cardiovascular workflow

  • 40-GB internal hard drive for rapid image storage and retrieval

  • Comprehensive connectivity options include wireless DICOM, DVD, USB, VCR, printers and MPEGvue

  • Comprehensive M&A package

  • Quick system boot-up and battery re-charge


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